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Monitor your patient's progress and achieve your therapeutic goals quicker.

No special software installation is required. All your data are securely stored on the cloud and accessed only by you!

We provide descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics on your patient's therapy.

Check out some awesome features that will leverage your everyday therapeutic work!

Therapeutic Analytics

Get analytics and statistics for your patient's progress. Set up your goals and get insights on your ongoing treatments.

Business Statistics and Demographics

Get full insights of your patients and how your business is doing day by day.

Patient and Session Management

No more paperwork to mess up! Store your patient's data and sessions online. Get access 24/7 anywhere you are. Your data will stay secure and persisted.

Online Agenda

Create your own agenda with your appointments. Get notifications and never lose track of your everyday tasks.

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We will soon launch our beta version.

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Meet the team

Petros Kovatsis, CEO at Therapeek, Software Engineer

Petros Kovatsis, CEO
Software Engineer

Mikaela Monioudi, COO at Therapeek, Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Mikaela Monioudi, COO
Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Stavroula Petraki, CFO at Therapeek, Financials & Operations

Stavroula Petraki Kateva
Financials & Operations

Liana Eliopoulou, CMO at Therapeek, Sales & Marketing

Liana Eliopoulou
Marketing & Sales

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